3 Best Free Tools to Stream Live Events

The potential event attendees out there are hindered by lodging concerns, costs, and distance factors among others. They get themselves not able to attend these trips despite their desire to make foot to the events. Luckily enough, different event software has been built to help event planners show or rather broadcast events using the internet thus helping out in capturing all attendees both remote and in person.

You should not dismiss the idea of live streaming in case you are hit by your business budget. So many free tools exist online to step in as the best alternative to the paid options. Herein free tools businesses can employ when broadcasting and hosting online events;

  1. Facebook live
    This is a modern way to get in touch with new ways to keep you all hours connected. Its live stream functionality is its recent development. You are capable of sharing all the happenings in front of you using Facebook Live the moment it’s happening.
  2. Live
    This is another live streaming app that is functional on Mac and Window computers, the internet-capable cameras and iOS devices. This app allows users to get through simultaneous streaming sessions through a central dashboard; this makes it easier to get in touch with many audiences concurrently. To this time, YouTube and Facebook live streaming is provided for free.
  3. Open Broadcaster Software
    The OBS is available on Windows, Linux for those still using it and mac OSX 10.8. For those who like an open-source for streaming live videos, this is the best option. However, it comes with one disadvantage of lacking formal technical support.
    If all you want is software flexibility, this is the best option Users can alter the source code to suit their needs due to their open nature. It only requires that you understand programming.